agosto 04, 2010

The Dude (or "Duder", or "El Duderino" if your'e not into the whole brevity thing) achievements.

Sometimes there's a man... I wont' say hero, 'cause, what's a hero..?"

This blog is officially celebrating. Bring out the caucasians, help some ladyfriend to concieve and roll your way into the semis, ‘cause this is “The Dude’s Special Edition”.

It’s all water under the bridge since that Woo soiled his rug. And now we want to salute our friend Jeffrey by taking a look into a carrer full of achievements. We all know that the dude’s primary occupation is bowling, drinking, having the ocassional acid flashbacks and taking it easy for all us sinners, but we might not know the things he dedicate his life before that.

New shit has come to light, so we proudly present to you some rare footage presumably taken by Knox Harrington, the video artist friend of Maudie’s, with his old camera and his cleft asshole.

Enjoy and, of course, abide, man... sir.

Here being very undude...

Here, bumping again into Bunny Lebowski (not related).

Having a chat about gadgets with Mr. Threehorn (in Malibu, of course).

In the dawn of that very same party, jumping on the great-towell-tombling.

A little upset after the plane crashed into the mountain.

Solving a case (which has the whole crime lab working in shifts for weeks) after studying some papers, just papers, you know, bussines papers.

On a weekday, trying to scam a fuckin nihilist that keep saying that he believed in nozing.

Here, treating objects like women, man.

Being a fuckin' park ranger.

After doing a joint.

Facing a Brother Seamus (it's like an Irish Monk).

Facing the fact that he's a fucking asshole.

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loli dijo...

extraño a los morcis, con todas las boludeces incluídas que este lindo paquete ofrece al amigo. besos.